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My sister and I started MP Barkery and Gifts about 2 months ago.  We sell Organic dog Gluten Free Vegan Dog treats, Organic dog treats, and Vegan dog treats.  We sale a variety of flavors; Blueberry, Chicken, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, and Peanut Butter Apple.  We also make and sale Pup Cakes, and Cakes for that special occasion.

My sister and I love our fur babies and wanted to find someway to reach out to others who feel the same.  Our four legged babies are all rescues.  So let me introduce you to them.


Paula’s Babies

Casey: He’s 7 years old now, but I got him when he was 6 weeks old.  He’s a Shitzu mix.  He was taken from a family who breeder dogs for a living.  I’ve never owned a dog in the past until Casey came into my life.  This little yellow fur ball was the cutest, sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.  My first thought when I rec’d him was Kennel train for sure, but he was so tiny I didn’t have the heart to leave him in his cage crying at night, so needless to say this little man sleeps with me.  He stole my heart the moment he stepped into my house.

Milo:  He’s 5 years old, I got him when he was also 6 weeks old.  Milo has a sad story though; he and his brothers and sister were dumped at my office.  I get to work and see a box full of puppies at my front door.  Milo was the runt (he’s a Bichon Frise mix) I couldn’t just let him go to anyone, he needed love and care and I needed to make sure he got that soooo, yes I took him home.  Casey now had a little brother.

Racheal: She’s a year old now (wow time flies).  I was at the mall shopping for wedding accessories for my nieces wedding and yes, I passed the dreaded “Pet Store”, in one of the glass windows I see this tiny little face looking at me.  OH MY!  She’s on Clearance (what they clearance their dogs?)  Anyhow, I ask the lady if I can just hold her for a minute…..well that didn’t turn out well, I fell in love instantly. Come to find out Rachael was born and raised in this store;(  Ok, she is not spending one more minute in this place.  My sister says “I’m putting her on my Credit Card and she’s out of this place”.  You would not believe her first experience walking outside.  She could not stop running…I’ve had her for about 6 months now and I still have a hard time getting her to come in the house.  So now Casey and Milo finally have a sister. Oh, and Rachel is a “Morkie”.




Tucker:  Ok, so Tucker is one of the lucky ones….he was born and raised by a good family and then adopted by Katlyn, Riley, Missie, and yes even my favorite brother in law Tim.

Phoebe:  Phoebe wasn’t so lucky.  Phoebe was born into a home of horrible conditions; filthy dirty, flea ridden, cold, damp, cramped home.  Phoebe was put in this tiny little box and that’s where she stayed 24/7.  She was put on Craigslist for sale and that where her little life was saved.  My sister loves her little Phoebe.  When Missie took her home she had fleas, she ate until she threw up, and cried 24/7 if she wasn’t right next to Missie.  My sister has little to no sleep the first 6 months she had Phoebe.  Well, I’m happy to announce Phoebe eats without throwing up, sleeps through the night, and plays like a very happy healthy puppy.  She loves her brother Tuck.


Now that I’ve introduced our little four legged family members, I would like to tell you why we decided to open up a store.

Missie and I love our puppies so much we decided to put our passion to work.  We decided we are going to sell Organic dog treats and supplies.  Our dogs are feed  healthy food and snacks and want others to be able to do the same at a price you can afford.  We have also decided that we will donate 5% (to start off) of profits to our local humane society and other non profit organizations.  I hope that some day we will grow enough to donate more and to larger organizations and maybe open a store front where we can also do pet adoptions.  Big Dreams I know.:)

Now that I’ve introduced my family members I would love to meet yours and to hear your pet stories.  I will keep you updated on our store and on our babies.

If you would like to read more about our products please visit

Thank you for reading our story.





We are two sisters who love our four legged fur babies.

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